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December 15, 2015
Training Tips
September 26, 2017

Surprise! I am back. Have been dealing with one of life’s nasty speed bumps and hopefully it’s resolved for the next few years.

But the effort to present a first class most memorable marathon still continues 24/7.

And I want to welcome every runner to my beautiful backyard.

Okay, with six weeks to go here is stuff you may want to know.

1) We have added a 10K race this year that is flat and fast. Scenic as well.

2) I have just finished USATF certification of marathon, 10K and 5K. Half marathon certified course remains the same as last year. Certified means that they are all measured spot on. Maps on website.

4) There will be a tab on the website that will continually be updated with important helpful information and emails and Art’s Alley that each runner would probably want to know about their visit to our marathon.


Ultima electrolyte replacement drink will be served at every aid station. Test in training runs.

Study the race maps. Though the course will be well marked and led by bikes and police everyone should already know which way to go.

Best and easiest parking on race day. Access is from Highway 101 to Santa Rosa Plaza huge parking lots (only a few hundred feet from starting line and a bargain (I believe only $3) for the entire day. Opens at 4:00 am. Map is included.

Parking on city streets: The entire race route will be posted no parking and you may be stuck inside a closed and sealed area and possibly ticked or worse towed. Word of caution. Use the easy access parking garage

Stay to the right. When on narrower section of the Greenway, please stay to the right (especially from Willowside Bridge (mile 7 in half) to finish Line. Returning fast marathon runners will need room for passing. Greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Medical: There are at least two nurses at every aid station, roving medical units, race guard (medical runners), ambulance on course and finish area and plenty of nurses at the finish line and in the medical canopy, if needed.

Sag Wagons: There are sag wagons that will transport runners to nearest aid stationif attention is needed.

Spectator parking and viewing area: Two recommended and easy access. Willowside Road Bridge (mile 8 and 20 for marathon) and Olivet Road at River Road (not much parking) even if CHP officer allows you through barricades. Mile 13. Check posted map.

Expo parking. Stay tuned. There may be a change from last year due to permit requirements.

Course maintenance: Along with dozens of other time consuming tasks, I have been spending a few hours each day, pruning, trimming, sweeping and abating anything that hangs into the pathway and also help beautify an already scenic and picturesque course. Any tripping hazards have been sprayed and highlighted in yellow paint.

Seven hour marathon time limit: Check posted time limit for each segment of the course. We have never had any runner/walker taken off the course due to the permit required time limits, but it could happen. Just beware.

That’s it for now.

Stay Tuned

Any questions send me an email
Arthur Webb
Life Is Grand